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2018 - Shorts and Scrunchies

This year we decided to branch out. We wanted to take on shorts and scrunchies. With the help of some very loyal and dedicated friends we smashed out a few hundred of each to try and raise some more money for the Cancer Council.

This year the project took place at the Wise's - we stained their grass and every inch of their garden, pool fence and trampoline were covered in tie dye! We were very lucky to have the Clare and the boys be so accomodating!

Lessons from 2018 -

  • Bring sunnies and sunscreen when dying all day

  • Make sure the things you are dying are 100% cotton before you buy 100 of them off Boohoo...

  • Don't dye on a hill because the dye will spread to other pairs of shorts and it will make a poo brown colour.

  • Put them in the washing machine... don't hand rinse 500 items. You will get blisters and you will get bored.

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